So, I was sitting at my computer trying to think of something to blog about. I mean, I hate…no I REALLY HATE…wasting people’s time in any way. And that includes blog posts. So, sometimes thinking about what to write is a herculean task.

And then it hit me…

Why do I blog? Why do I facebook? Twitter? Talk with other peeps online.

For me, I crave the connections. Some of you are my closest and dearest friends. Others, I am just getting to know. But EVERYDAY I am excited to see what comments you leave, what you are posting about, what makes you want to tweet, facebook and otherwise chat online.

And although I am a huge introvert (though not at all socially awkward as my friends have recently reminded me), I find myself needing to connect with you guys at some point throughout the day.

But this post really isn’t about me…it’s about you. Why do YOU blog, facebook, twitter and just hang out online?


8 thoughts on “Wherein I get all thoughtful…

  1. Sometimes I just cross the way of people who have a “I-dunno-what” that makes me feel…good…And sure, in true life, I’d try to develop a friendship with them. They’re the kind of people I love. They are made of what’s giving me true friends. That’s why I’m here now.
    I read you because I think you’re someone of value (and not necesseraly because you post somithing of value).

    And when I personnaly blog, it’s like screaming outside. Nobody really hears but I feel better after !

  2. Hi Christine, My reasons for blogging has changed over time. I started out blogging because I just finished a National Writing Project instituted and needed an outlet for my writing and it was new, technical and I like these kinds of things. Now, I blog because I can take my time formulating my thoughts in a logical way about topics that I care about. I hope that I am doing my little bit to advocate for our gifted children (and adults). It’s hard for me to do this in a spur-of-the-moment conversation.

  3. I’m with you! It’s all about the connection! I love getting a chance to chat with people who “get me” and don’t think I’m a total weirdo or whatev for the writing or the book obsessions … I’ve made some awesome IRL friends from the internet (despite what Dateline specials and your parents will tell you) that although sometimes I run short on time to post things, I don’t think I could ever completely quit anymore. I’d miss everyone too much!

  4. I blog and social network for the connections too. Not only do I love to boost others, but I love the boost when I need it. And to see people I’ve grown to care about achieve success is exciting. I learn about good books and writing. It’s an amazing resource. So I’m willing to invest a little time to maintain my blog and visit other blogs.

  5. Hi Christine! I blog and use social network for the connections like you. I love to hear about it when a writer friend gets published and I love connecting with people. It’s an awesome support network, too. I’ve met a lot of on line friends through blogging and FB. I learn a lot about a lot of things. I also like sharing a little bit of me and my experiences if I feel that people may learn something from them, too.

  6. I spend a bunch of time online as it is, and sometimes it’s pretty solitary. So I like the blogging and tweeting because of the connection, like you said. It’s so amazing how many people you can find who are interested in the same things you are or who are just themselves entertaining!

  7. I blog, Facebook, and Tweet because, as a writer, I sometimes feel disconnected from fellow humans. Making friends online helps me feel like I’m linked to the world instead of being a lonely planet floating out in space.

  8. The easy one…I Facebook because in this crazy day and age, it’s often the only way to keep in touch with my friends. I’ve reestablished relationships with old friends there, after years apart. I make plans with my neighbors. I connect with my tribe. I know FB can be a massive time-suck, but it’s my way of staying connected.
    Blogging. I originally started blogging five years ago on a lark. I had read blogs for a year and wanted to start one myself. I had always written essays in my head and here was a way for me to put them out there. The first few years weren’t much and only in the last year or so have I really REALLY gotten serious about writing. It was my first love, lo those many years (and pre-flute) ago. And I find myself getting more serious about it. I can tell how much I love it by how much I put it off; yeah, sick and twisted, but the activities that are most near and dear to me tend to be put off until all the “have to” stuff is done. I’m working through this.
    Oh, and I’m a comment whore. I love comments, retweets, acknowledgment. I blame my years of music performance; I have to have recognition. Yes, working through this too. 😉

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