Yep, it’s true….I am in revision-hell! It feels so much worse than the last time I played in the revision playground. So much messier. Perhaps it’s because this particular novel was word-vomited Nano style. Or perhaps it’s because the POV and tense has changed about…um…three hundred million times as I was fleshing out the book.

Whatever it is, this is BRUTAL!

My approach on this process is a bit different too, due to the train wreck of tenses, and how I evolved with regards to telling this actual story.

In the past, I was able to do about three passes after the initial draft before sending it to my CPs/betas. After the first readers did some shredding, I went through it a few more times. Then I sent it to another set of readers, one or two more passes from me and off it went into the world.

Not so this time. This train wreck needs a level of initial rewriting/revision that is much more complicated. 

I started by plotting out the story (yes, AFTER my word vomit fiasco). Then I started to rewrite based on my new sense of the story.

Until my story changed…for like the eleven billionth time. And I had to rethink the WHOLE THING again.

So, here I am, settled in what I think is THE way to tell the story. I’ve replotted, moved scenes around, reviewed both the external and internal arcs of the story, looked at my characters and have begun rewriting.

Yep rewriting…my first stage in this revision nightmare.

Really, it isn’t a true nightmare…I am actually pretty happy with the progress so far. I have managed to revise the first third and should make it to the 1/2 way mark by the weekend. A few readers are shredding the first sections for me, and yes….

I am making progress.

What is your revision process like?


5 thoughts on “The Seventh Circle of … REVISIONS….

  1. Holy MOLY! The tense-changing cluster would be the death of me O_o. Good luck and God speed!

    I feel you on the crazy plot revisions, though. I had to do a LOT of that with Legacy, and it drove me almost (and some say past) the brink of madness ;). I hope this story turns out even better than you hope!

  2. I’m so with you in the 7th circle. My revisions on one of my projects is KILLING me! In the past there’s always been SOMETHING I could do / figure out to ease some of the pain, but this time? I got nothing. Hope we both survive!

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