Hi everyone! Remember how I was waiting until September to redo and launch this blog, now dedicated to giftedness, intensity and living an intense life?

Well, I’m not waiting. In fact, I will be relaunching this week as part of the Blog Tour for SENG’s National Parenting Gifted Children Week. On Wednesday, I will contributing my post to the mix, talking about managing emotional intensity.

But until then, check out the other amazing posts all designed to provide help and support to parents of gifted children:


SUNDAY, July 17

Creating Curriculum (Mary St. George)
Blog: http://creatingcurriculum.​wordpress.com/

Gifted Parenting Support (Lisa Conrad)
Blog: http://giftedparentingsupp​ort.blogspot.com/

Parents of Gifted Children Resource Group (Monica Morrell)
Blog: http://www.depogcrg.blogsp​ot.com/
Topic: The challenges of meeting a gifted child’s social, emotional, and intellectual needs

MONDAY, July 18

Life with Intensity (Mona Chicks)
Blog: http://lifewithintensity.b​logspot.com/

The IMACS Blog (Natasha Chen)
Blog: http://www.eimacs.com/blog​/?p=151
Topic: Nurturing mathematically talented preschoolers

Laughing at Chaos (Jen)
Blog: http://www.laughingatchaos​.com/
What I wish people knew about twice-exceptional kids

All Kinds of Smart (Ellie Schatz)
Blog: http://www.allkindsofsmart​.com/
Topic: Grandma says it’s good to be smart

TUESDAY, July 19

Ingeniosus (Deborah Mersino)
Blog: http://www.ingeniosus.net/​blog
Topic: How parents of gifted learners can find sanity online

Building Wing Span (Susanne Thomas)
Blog: http://www.buildingwingspa​n.blogspot.com/
Topic: Small talks, consequences, and proving me wrong (discipline issues)

GiftedGuru (Lisa Van Gemert)
Blog: http://giftedguru.com/
Topic: The moment you KNOW your child’s gifted


Begabungs (Roya Klinger)
Blog: http://begabungs.wordpress​.com/
Topic: Solution-oriented parenting of gifted children

An Intense Life (Christine Fonseca)
Blog: http://christinefonseca.wo​rdpress.com/
Topic: Tips for working with emotional intensity

All for the Love of You (Steph Lovelady)
Blog: http://www.allfortheloveof​you.com/
Topic: Getting a 504 plan for a gifted child


Innreach’s Blog (Leslie S. Graves)
Blog: http://innreach.wordpress.​com/
Topic: A kaleidoscope of colours- One parent Looks back

Irish Gifted Education Blog: Dazzled and Frazzled
Blog: http://dazzledandfrazzled.​com/
Topic: An Irish perspective on parenting gifted learners

FRIDAY, July 22

Go Into the Story (Scott Myers)
Blog: http://www.gointothestory.​com/


Everyday Intensity (Lisa Rivero)
Blog: http://everydayintensity.c​om/

It really is an amazing tour. I hope to see you guys there…

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