Time to get your opinions –

I am working on a new project related to not only GT general, but teens in general. This book will focus on resiliency and give specific insight and strategies for teens. Using the kids-giving-advice-to-kids approach utilized in 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids, I hope to cover topics including”

  • motivation
  • bullying
  • Dealing with dual exceptionalities
  • peer relationships
  • life skills
  • perfectionism and other issues that get in the way of completing tasks
What other topics would you like to see? Are you interested in participating in this project?

One thought on “Resiliency and Teens

  1. How about differentiating life reality from book or art reality. By that I mean that my teen, who is a fabulous artist, has a hard time refocusing on real life when he creates. He’s never had both feet on the ground, which is typical for many artists/authors/musicians I know. But it scares me to death to think of him graduating this year and moving out. He is extremely intelligent. It’s just a matter of him remembering to focus that intelligence in the right places.

    Just a thought. Looking forward to this new project of yours.

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