The last several posts have been pretty focused on the world of gifted adults.  Specifically, I talked about emotional intensity and fear – fear of failure, fear of taking risks, fear of success.


For this post, I thought I’d focus on a few practical strategies to overcome fear and talk yourself through those rough moments of high intensity.

  1. Risk Taking – Realize that most fear of success is really a fear of taking the risk required to achieve success.  Fortunately, risk-taking in a learned skill.  Therefore, you can LEARN to take risks with more ease.
  2. Know Yourself – Take the time to analyze your personal strengths and weakness.  Compare your goals against an objective look at who you are at your core. This can help you manage the type of risks you take, and help with regards to accurately understanding the nature of your fear.  For example, if you want to be a writer, you must first assess your strengths and weakness in the field of writing.  If you, for example, determine that you are good with your ideas, but bad with pacing – than you know you are going to have to deal with your pacing problems if you are going to be successful.  As you strengthen that weakness in your own profile, you can build confidence and be more willing to take risks.
  3. Positive goal setting – retrain yourself to phrase goals in terms of positive outcomes – not things you DO NOT want.  For example, saying “I will stop writing mediocre ending to my stories” has a very different feel than this goal – “I will learn to write strong endings to my stores”.  By focusing on outcomes, you direct your focus in a way that will lead to positive action.  Remember, the thing you focus your energy on – be it positive or negative – is the thing you will likely achieve.
  4. Be flexible.  Don’t limit yourself by deciding HOW the world is going to unfold for you.
  5. Positive self-talk .  Remember that fear and the paralysis that sometimes occurs with it is a choice, albeit typically an unconscious choice. As such, you can CHOOSE to change that feeling.  By saying this, I am NOT saying this will be easy.  It is not.  But it can be done.

These are just a few strategies that can move you to a place of action. And action is the best panacea to fear!


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