All human beings have an innate need to belong, to fit in. This need often drives even the most introverted amongst us to seek out friendships – whether in person or online.

But sometimes, the need to fit in can cause anxiety. A lot of anxiety.

This is especially true with our gifted kids and adults.

You see, the attributes of giftedness can get in the way of things at times – these attributes make us “different” in such a way that finding groups with whom we can belong is a real struggle.

I am going to explore this topic this week on the blog, and list several strategies for helping our gifted population find comfort – help them belong.

If you have specific things you want to see addressed, please leave me a comment and I will work it in this week.


5 thoughts on “I just want to belong….part 1

  1. I gave up trying to fit in as a gifted child. It made me a lot stronger but I think it stunted my social growth. I didn’t make real friends until I had my first child at age 31 and joined a Mother’s of Preschoolers Group. My friends and I ended up running the group because there was no one else to do it, which defeated the purpose of a support group imo, and is typical for overachievers like me, but at least I’ve gained lasting friendships and true acceptance at last.

  2. I think my question would be how to help my own child deal with the rambunctiousness and chaos of other boys, which he finds distracting and disturbing. We had quite a scene last night in tje parling lot at our scout meeting – very unusual for him – because he really doesn’t want to particiapte this year because of the behavior of the other boys. I agree the group is rowdy, but nine year olds are and he’s got to learn to cope, I think.

  3. i’m a gifted mom to a gifted 12 yr old boy who is more cerebral than physical. would love to hear something about how kids like this can find peers to identify with. I live in southern california, a mecca for Soccer Alpha Mom type families… thanks!

  4. Who has the most difficulties, Christine,
    – a gifted guy findind a gifted peer ?
    – or a siberian male tiger finding a female ?

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