I thought I’d repost another of the advice posts that some of my author friends shared. This one is from Jennifer Merrill and it is one of my favs!

I am so excited to have one of my favorite parents of GT kids stop by today. I met Jennifer with the release of my last book. She is funny, amazing and never ceases to amaze me. I know you’ll feel the same by the time you read her post. 

 Jennifer Merrill is the parent of two GT kids and a GT advocate extrordinaire. She maintains a humorous blog, Laughing at Chaos, where she talks about it all. In her own words, her blog is her own “little slice of the internets, where I rant rave scream write about whatever goes through my head. Better than mumbling to myself as I mosey down the street; you get strange looks that way.”

Be sure to stop by and say hi – her blog is fantastic!

Another thing about Jennifer – I’m really trying to get her to write humorous stories. Read her blog and you’ll see why – that girl is HYSTERICAL!!!

Take it away Jennifer:

So I’ve been asked to pass along a tidbit or two of advice to a gifted kid. Well, as a gifted adult, I finally learned that there is no one answer. To anything. What may work for me may not work for you. Sadly, it only took 37 years to make that discovery. Hopefully I just saved you several years of struggle and I expect accolades from you soon. No applause please, just throw money.

See, I have discovered that life is more like a really fantastically awesome brunch buffet than a plated dinner where everyone gets the same dry baked chicken and roasted potatoes. I love really fantastically awesome brunch buffets. I can have a taste of this and a tad of that and seconds on the smoked salmon and for your own safety move out of the way if you’re between me and the chocolate fountain. No, I’m not kidding. It’s chocolate. In fountain form. But then…maybe the next time I go to a really fantastically awesome brunch buffet I have no interest in the smoked salmon and shrug at the chocolate fountain (hey, it could happen!) and instead dive headfirst into the carved roast beef station with a stop at the personalized omelet skillet. And the most incredible part of the really fantastically awesome brunch buffet is that everyone gets what is best for them and everyone is happy. With a plated dinner of dry baked chicken and roasted potatoes…well…it’s good and all, but it’s not something to which I’d want to return. I’d much rather have the choices available at the really fantastically awesome brunch buffet.
Just like food, I want the choices to learn about this and read about that and try a few other things a couple times, and thankfully I’m at the point in my life where that is possible. Life is too delicious to settle for the learning equivalent of plated chicken and potatoes when you yourself can choose from the fantastic options out there. The world is a really fantastically awesome brunch buffet and it’s just getting better and better.

Life is a buffet – yep, another great piece of advice!  What advice would you share with kids??


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