MYTH – Gifted kids are happy and socially well-adjusted in school

I imagine that many administrators and policy makers like this myth – it negates the need for additional support for gifted children. However, like most myths, it is not rooted in reality,

The reality is that gifted children are more emotionally intense than their non-gifted counterparts, often resulting in a host of social difficulties in the school setting. Things like perfectionism, underperformance, social anxiety and significant stress can all be found in the gifted population to a larger degree than anticipated based on this myth.

Emotional intensity is something most educators know little about. Yet, it is very common among gifted students. This intensity is part of the hard wiring of gifted kids. Failure to recognize and work with the specific needs of the gifted can often have a negative overall impact (NAGC, 2010).

My book, Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students, deals specifically with the more common difficulties in managing emotionally driven behaviors. The bottom line, recognition that this type of intensity is normal for gifted kids is important, as is increased education for teachers and other support staff in helping kids learn to cope with their intensity.

What are your thoughts?


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