Hey everyone! Hope your week was fabulous. Mine was great, spent finishing up edits for DIES IRAE and spending time with family.

That is, until this morning.

I woke as usual, heading out to my writing cave (aka my local Starbucks) to finish up edits and free the day up to spend with family and friends. Um, NOPE! I turned on my computer only to find that every single one of my google accounts had been disabled for “suspected terms of service violations.”


I assure everyone, I never knowingly violated the TOS.

So, I read through the TOS for all of my accounts and still, I have no idea what has happened and why! So, I filled out the form for google to get this worked out, combed the forums for answers and here is what I know:

  1. My accounts may or may not ever be restored
  2. If they are, this could be weeks – WEEKS – until I hear from someone at Google
  3. This is happening to lots of people right now – part of the cost of all the spammers out their
  4. I have no access to my gmail, blogger, google, etc
  5. There is nothing I can do until I hear from Google.

Wow! Just WOW!!!

So, my response. Wait. Try to be patient. And do what I had been planning on anyways – streamline my online presence, combining my blog and websites. Reconsider using my google products (there are plenty of others out their), and move forward.

The truth, I need to edit. This is an annoyance that is just going to have to wait to get solved.

So, if any of you are trying to reach me, do so through my website. And if I have not responded to your email, it is because I can’t. As for my angel giveaway on my other blog???? I will announce the winners when, and if, I can access the account again.

Again, wow. Just wow!




5 thoughts on “The Apocalypse Comes Early!

  1. What a crapper… but on the bright side, take some extra time to enjoy the family over the holidays while Google takes their time in restoring your account(s). 😉

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