Dear Gifted Me – Edith’s Whisperings to herself

The question was asked, what would I share with the young teenager experiencing the struggles and the excitement of being a teen with high abilities?

Where was I as at and what was I doing?  I was an Army dependent and changing schools on average every 18 months.  I went to four different high schools.  I was taking advanced sciences and maths (sometimes that just meant skipping to the next grade level).  I was organizing activities for myself and peers to do.  I was active in lots of extracurricular activities (the Latin Club triathlon).   I was interested in boys.  I was reading lots.  I was the oldest of seven, so helping out at home a lot (both ‘girl’ stuff and ‘boy’ stuff).

What do I want to share……..   One thought that crosses my mind is do enjoy entertaining and creating get-togethers, and at the same time don’t lose yourself in the performance.  Remember to be who you are and not try “too hard” to fit in.  It is great to have lots of people around you that are having fun.  Remember also what is in you that needs to be expressed.

Another thought is all the girls are struggling in some way in developing their relationships with the young men, even if it seems they have it all.  Be proud of your abilities and be true to yourself (yes this is easier to say as an adult, an adult that continues to struggle with relationships).  Also, realize the young men are floundering with how to relate also.  Follow your instinct to know yourself and what you are capable of and your passions.  The confidence in that spark that is within will connect you with others with common threads.

Yet another thought, do not limit yourself with one interest, do explore the many things that grab your attention.  Pursuing many directions is a choice.  Those varied talents and interests can coalesce or lead you down a series of wonderful (and yes bumpy) roads.  Denying interests and passions to conform to having a focused direction means burying part of yourself.  You journal – take it one step further and keep an idea book so that you can add to each idea and capture them to develop in their own time.

Yes stretch your wings in the flock of geese and in independent soaring of the eagle.  Look both upon the dark and the light as the owl who sees well both in the day and night.  Gain the wisdom of Self and of the world to understand the beauty of the ugly duckling.  With Love from an adult that is still discovering the dreams of the teenager.


Author: Edith Johnston

35 years of experience guiding individuals in developing their potential and a life time of experience as a multi-talented. She is educated with four degrees and many lessons through the school of hard knocks. She provides resources and opportunities for personal development of multi-talented individuals through her blog, website, presentations, workshops, and books. She has the ability to identify the current dilemma and present options for personal growth. She uses a wide variety of techniques to connect with varied learning styles. She has worked in various venues from private companies, government, non-profits, and private practice. She has worked with a diverse clientele having the full spectrum of abilities and challenges. She is diligent in her mission to provide opportunities for individuals to acquire tools for their internal and external journeys of life. She is the owner of “How To” Life Consultants, LLC providing live and virtual services. The focus is to assist you in figuring out “how to” express your talents, make a contribution, and connect.

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