As we look at art or nature we can see vibrant brilliance in an array of color combinations.  The sun shines brilliantly.  The reflection off the water is brilliant.  The stars in the night sky are shining with pinpoint luminosity.  Drawing on black paper with white pencil brings forth brilliance of the white and the layers of color.  We see the intensity of the brilliance.

The high pitched excitement in the voice; the glow of the face with the sparkle in the eyes; the quick erratic movements; the rapid fire of ideas and speech – are the intense expression of brilliance.

The keen awareness and response to the sounds, smells, and lights around us; the sensitivity to the environment and the emotions of others; the vivid mind pictures and seeing the interconnections of ideas, concepts, problems, solutions – are part of the intensity of brilliance.

Our lives are full of color – every shade and hue.  Each facet of the diamond creates a brilliant reflection of the inner composition and potential.  In the rough, without understanding of what lies beneath, without development through polishing, without the cuts to create the expression, without the connection of the inner and outer or artist and material, the intensity of the brilliance will be missed.

Sacred expression of the brilliance with intensity

The black paper – nothing – the void

The circle in white – containing a portion of the void

The quiet place within

The question posed

The swirling of the mist – clearing with a vision – a visual answer

Taking up the white pencil, allowing the image to be seen

Distinct marks, shadowing, creating varied intensities of white

The image takes form – living element all of its own

To the quiet place again – colors whirling, settling, vivid, intense, brilliant

The void within the circle is shining with the white – the luminescent light

Colors are chosen

Pigments applied

The void is now a living reflection of the vision

The intense brilliance presents its opportunity  — YOU


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