First, let me apologize for getting this post up sooo late! You see, I have been burning the candle at too many ends of late, loading more and more on my plate without regard for the realities of getting everything done. Which leads me to the title of this post…

Have you ever felt like your intensities have slipped into hyper-drive, both propelling you forward and running over you? Well, this is pretty much what I am experiencing of late. A new job, the “intense” time of year with the kids (you know, finals, AP testing, etc), exciting writing happenings…it has all combined to form this maelstrom that has, in all honesty, gotten away from me. And in the wake of this storm, my intensities have kicked into full gear, adding and oh-so-delightful flavor to the mess.

Grrr. Sometimes it is really hard being an intense adult.

Yes, things are positive and exciting overall. And yet, despite the happy feelings that generally go along with words like “positive” and “exciting”, I am finding myself feeling anxious, intimidated, and dare-I-say, fraud-like.

So, what do I do in moments like these? Inhale and exhale. And slow it all down long enough to wrap my brain around what NEEDS to be done versus everything else.

Yea, I know….I’ll tell you how that works out for me next week!

What do you guys do in moments like these? You do have them, right? ((Please say right))…


11 thoughts on “Intensities Running Amuck

  1. Sorry, I have those moments as well, but can’t say as I’ve found the silver bullet of resolve. I also look forward to next week to see your solution.
    Sometimes a glass of wine helps. 😉

  2. Having spent at least 2/3 of my late evenings recently on random genealogy research–in addition to homeschooling, filing stories, helping my elderly & disabled parent with taxes, gardening, and getting over an upper respirator
    y thing, I’m hoping that someone here comes up with a cure and reports back STAT.

  3. Moments like those I force myself to stop thinking and start executing. If it is a particularly tough day with a lot of emotional baggage getting in the way, I tell myself to set aside the emotion and execute. Then I will set aside some time later for some reflection on some of the emotions. I often find that when the whirlwind has settled down, its a lot easier and sometimes more appropriate to reflect back. Its a completely different perspective. The hard part for me is when I let the anxiety and fear get in the way if achieving things.

    1. That’s my strategy too Jessica. I find that when I get too much anxiety I partially paralyze myself. Not thinking allows me to get things done without adding to the piles or getting in the way. I used to say it was putting blinders on, but is really about not thinking. 🙂

    2. Yea, I hear ya. My issues really aren’t about over-thinking things….it’s more about over “feeling” things. And yes, action ALWAYS help me!

  4. Seeing your post got me thinking about my pattern of getting revved up in March and being overwhelmed with too many projects in April, so I crash in May.
    This is probably a reaction to a decades-long pattern I have overcome of devolving into existential depression at the end of the winter.
    For now, I have to just prioritize and buckle down, but I hope I can hang on to this awareness to start making some changes next year.

    1. Ha! Good luck with that. Awareness is definitely the first key though. And honestly, I don’t think having a cycle of getting revved up, overcommiting, and burnout is necessarily “bad” – I think it is more about evening out some of the extremes, you know…

  5. Intensity is both my best friend and my worst enemy. Sometimes both at the same time. I’m trying to intentionally keep grounded in the “now” so I don’t hyper-analyze the past or sensationalize the future – which contribute to my cycle of stress and anxiety. Hard to do when that imaginational intensity creeps in, but it does help for as long as I can manage it! Good luck – we’re all pulling for ya!

  6. Oh my goodness. Overwhelm. Burnout and yet excitement. The cycles. I hear you loud and clear. Delighted and yet crashing with all the demands that I accepted. Usually, taking a breath or doing a small thing for R&R revives me. However, when I hit that wall, I have to withdraw and “quit”. It is a short term usually and I reassess priorities, values (relative to the commitments), and remember PLAY must be in there too. Christine your are inspiration through the entire spectrum of emotional experience. Thanks.

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