Again. I can’t believe I missed another Monday post. In all fairness, I spent the weekend and today involved in crisis intervention related to my day job. One of the schools in my district lost a beloved Assistant Principal and I was on-call over the weekend and on Monday to help the school and community deal with the loss. It’s not a job I take lightly. I prepare for it emotionally prior to stepping foot on campus, and it takes me a while to process through the grief I have absorbed and experienced afterwards.

Being a highly intense person, this is something that may take me a tad longer than some. In the case of this loss, it touched me deeply.

So, that is why the post today was missed today.

Rest assured, I will be back next week with more on resiliency, my upcoming nonfiction, Redefining Normal, and some lessons learned while trying to face the realities of being an intense adult.

See you next week…


One thought on “Missed it

  1. So sorry that happened. You had a good reason for missing! As soon as I read the title of your post, I was like, “Oh crap! I forgot to write my piece for Friday!” I try to have it turned in before midnight on the Monday of that week. My computer died sometime Monday afternoon and I don’t know if it’s coming back or not. It’s in the hospital and they said I’d hear from them in 3 – 5 days (!) I could have written it on one of my kids’ computers, but I guess the whole incident plus a few other happenings yesterday wiped it from my memory. I’ll try to get that in today, btw, while I still have use of my daughter’s computer.

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