Okay, yes, I’ll admit it. I completely forgot about today’s post. Maybe it was too much Mother’s Day relaxation, or maybe it was too much work piled on my desk at my day job. Regardless, it is now late…very late.

So, instead of thinking up something on the fly, I am actually getting organized and PLANNING out my posts for the rest of the month and June.  My upcoming topics include:

  • A series of four posts that highlight the POSITIVE aspects of emotional intensity
  • A series of posts related to preventing boredom in the summer months

Additionally, I invite all of you to submit guest posts for the summer months. Just drop me an email at christine(at)christinefonseca(dot)com or use the contact form on my website – http://christinefonseca.com.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Thomas’ post on Weds, and Donna’s post on Friday. This is a weird month with 5 Weds, so I will be pushing my 5/28 post (which is Memorial Day) to 5/30.

See you all Weds! And really, I am not as disorganized as I seem of late.



One thought on “Um…yea. About that…

  1. Fhagettaboutet, Always glad to read what you have to say. Have you’all covered just how much fun figit toys are for grown ups? I love mine, and the kids in classes I have taught at enjoy them too. Its like it helps them get their mind on learning something interesting.

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