The other day a very dear friend asked me if I was ok. I’d been very quiet (read: nonexistent) online and as we live in each other’s computers, she was understandably concerned. I haven’t slapped up a blog post in over a week, have been absent from Twitter for several weeks, and Facebook witticisms have been noticeably absent since Sunday. I hadn’t even noticed until she asked how I was doing. I just did what an introverted gifted woman whose main over-excitability is emotional would do.

I went Quiet.

There’s a difference between quiet and Quiet. Lowercase is an adjective. Uppercase is a reaction to the world that I’m coming to realize means I’m over my limit, I can’t take much more, I need to pull back away from people, I need to be quiet because things are so over-the-top that I can’t joke about them and I’m sick to death of my own mental whining. When it happens in my own house things go really off the rails, but thankfully that hasn’t happened in a few years.

These are the times that I wish…sigh…I was normal. That emotional intensity wasn’t always perched on my shoulder. I would dearly love to take things in stride and not be continually thrown off-kilter by life’s curveballs. Some days it’s like being on a bender on a cruise ship doing the tango down a whirlpool. Not a solid footing to be found. Damned wiring. Makes it triply fun that my husband is a lot like this also, as well as our oldest son. I fully expect one day to find the younger son and the long-suffering dog slowly backing out the door to search for a little less crazy.

I’m tired. I’m tired of the crazy, and I’m even more tired of my unconscious reaction to it. Yes, yoga and meditation would help, but it’s kinda hard to do those when the dog thinks it’s playtime when you’re on the floor and the only quiet place in the house is the bathroom. The one with no lock on the door.

So I’m returning to my Quiet, for just a little while longer.


When Jen isn’t Quiet, she writes over at Laughing at Chaos. She also has a book coming out in July, courtesy of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Press, and she’s gonna hafta get over the whole Quiet thing before that puppy goes live.


17 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. So glad to know that I am not alone in my retreat strategy. I have been in Quiet mode recently. Just started feeling guilty about how long it has been since my last blog post and logged on to realize it had been twice as long as I remembered.
    But, I am still recuperating from the everything of the first three months of the year. I don’t want to do anything except knit and make curtains – and maybe water my garden.

    1. I’m trying to move back out of the Quiet, but keep finding myself avoiding…well, maybe that’s not quite the word…I’d rather do other things. With all that’s going on, I don’t want to be Out There. Not sure that makes sense. :/

      1. It does make sense. And, I imagine that getting Out There is more challenging knowing that The Book is about to be very, very real.

      2. I used my powerful inference making and research skills to figure out what you were talking about. Congratulations! I hope to have a similar “problem” someday. =)

      3. LOL! It’s a great problem to have. Unbelievably, it’s pretty low on the stress scale right now; that’s how crazed things are here. LOL

  2. Must be a collective consciousness thing, or maybe it’s the time of the year? Or the Super Moon, then the Solar Eclipse so shortly afterward? It’s taken me longer than I expected to get back into my regular writing. I haven’t been blogging other than to link to my posts here. I’m still knitting and crocheting and reading, but I’m not blogging about it like I used to. I’m hoping I’ll get that burst of motivation once school is out for the summer. Or maybe I’ll get it now, since we’re all starting to talk about it?

  3. How wonderful you know to retreat to Quiet when you need to. Took me a really long time to learn that for myself. When the kids are young, it’s impossible to find Quiet, which I think is why depression is highest amongst moms of preschool age children (that’s when kids lose their naps and aren’t gone at school enough!) I am trying to teach my daughter to take her Quiet time when she needs it too.
    I highly recommend section 4 of the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking entitled “How to Love, How to Work.” I liked the part where Cain talks about “When Should You Act More Extroverted Than You Really Are?” It’s really got some amazing ideas and tips for coping for introverts who have extroverted type goals and situations. Such as locking yourself in the bathroom =)

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