Sorry about hiding all. In truth, I spaced on Monday. Then, today, I spaced. See, we have had a change to our little family. Lisa Rivero had to pull out due to her massive commitments to the GT community. So we are actually looking for a few new voices. If YOU want to come and play, contribute your unique voice to our little blog about the gifted, please contact me at christine(at)christinefonseca(dot)com  or leave a comment with your email. I’d love to add a voice or two to the party.

Sorry for spacing out. I blame it on my crazy summer schedule.

What have you guys been up to?



2 thoughts on “OOPS!!! And a request…

  1. Hi Christine! I’ve been doing more knitting and crocheting and reading and less writing lately. I keep telling myself everyday that I’m going to write to one of the prompts in my online writing group and then all of a sudden I get very tired…or I just feel more like working on my knitting or crocheting projects. My oldest daughter will be moving to Portland, Oregon on July 1st. This is the day after the closing night of the play that she and her brother are in. She is one of the main characters.

    After she leaves, my husband, younger daughter and I will be headed to AZ to visit both sets of inlaws. First, we see my mom in Kingman and drive out to Bearizona. After Bearizona, we drive to Mesa to see Charley’s parents and so Ceana can spend some time baking with grandma. We will be getting back in time for Ceana’s dance class that Friday in Lake Elsinore (not actually *in* the lake) She can’t miss any dance classes because the recital is coming up the first weekend in August. After the recital, we go back to AZ to my inlaws because that’s when Charley’s sister will be there with her family, which includes most of Ceana’s cousins. Actually, the cousins will be HERE for the first performance of the recital, then they’ll head off to AZ and we leave after the second performance.

    We get back before August 16th, when Ceana has to go in and get her Middle School ID photo taken along with picking up gym clothes, etc. The next day is 6th grade orientation and then the first day of school for our district is the 21st.

    Meanwhile, we have been dealing with fleas! We had them at bay for a while and now, I believe the second infantry has come in, so we’re back on to our plans of genocide for the fleas. Seriously, in my 25+ years of owning cats –MANY cats sometimes, I have NEVER had a problem with fleas. I do remember one summer in the late 1970’s when we had dogs and we had a flea problem, but it was only that summer. We never ever had flea collars for any of our pets. Never needed them. Now all three of our cats have them. I think we need them too –to wear as bracelets and anklets!

    I think that about covers it –Oh! I almost forgot –I twisted my ankle about 2 weeks ago. I was participating in the Temecula region for the World Wide knit in public day. I was coming out of the restroom near The Wool Lady in Old Town and one of the planks of wood on the deck was a bit higher than the rest. I just stepped on it wrong (wearing flip flops didn’t help) and crack! Bad enough that I got x-rays, but nothing broke, so at least there’s that. Also, I can put all my weight on it now, so it’s mostly healed. Still a little sore though.

    So, that’s what I’ve been up to, and what I have planned for the summer! Whee!

  2. Hi Christine,
    Don’t worry about spacing out, Sometimes a brain just needs to take a coffee break without us sometimes-it looks like intense thought because it probably is. 😀
    My eldest just graduated homeschooling high school this week, and took her driving test today- she passed, on the first try (I took mine twice). Next step, finish off the transcript for her to attend the local community college. My sons had their last day of school today. It begins- (ominous music), no really its going to be ok, I think I just have to make sure they don’t lose all that they’ve learned so far this year during the summer months. So it looks like my work begins anew, for the summer months anyways.
    This is why I won’t be quitting coffee anytime soon. White pasta I can live without, coffee I can skip, Just nothing would Ever Get Done. Not an option, at least this year.
    Its always a treat to take a break and read anything you all want to talk about.
    I’m on Facebook and (Anna2of5 on that site), I read Twitter occasionally for a quick pick-me-up while trying to tend to my e-mail account to stay current with far flung family. Its a balance, but its worth going on and read things by so many engaging people. My Husband is also on (PaigSr) so that’s fun to compare notes. My daughter has laid claim to Tumblr as her domain, so she shows me things she thinks I’ll enjoy, so that’s nice. My middle child has a blog about movies he like to do, he says he has a bunch of followers so that’s neat. If it helps him to want to work on his typing reading and writing skills on his own time, I’m all for it. My youngest enjoys the site, and site. We do stuff in real too, but its a nice break from each other (we have an1890 colonial with 3 bedrooms 1 “cozy” bathroom, and a kitchen from mid last century, so we’re always together all the time.
    Anyhow, thanks for asking for comments. Feel free to visit our sites and comment too. 🙂 Love to hear from you.
    Take it easy, stay hydrated too. [I’m in w. NY State where were dealing with day 2 or 3 of this heat wave. (Remote controlled fans are a really nice invention.)]
    Sincerely, Anna Rounseville

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