We are a creative family. A very creative family. My husband is an artist and can build pretty much anything. My teen is a painter (as was my mother), an interior design aficionado, and a graphic artist. And my tween, she is a fashionista, and a writer. Yes, we are all very creative.

So when an opportunity comes up for my kids to show the world their creative passions, I am all for it. Enter the Creative Kids magazine published by Prufrock Press. Prufrock Press describes it this way:

Creative Kids magazine is the nation’s largest magazine by and for kids. The magazine bursts with games, stories, poetry, and artwork all by and for kids ages 8–16.

The most exciting aspect of Creative Kids is that it is written by kids. Students from all over the world write for the magazine, so it includes exciting examples of the most creative student work to be found in any publication.

I say it is nothing short of fabulous. As a big proponent of both literacy and creative expression, this venue gives kids a voice in an amazing way.

A year ago, my tween applied to be one of the editors for the magazine. While she was not picked, one of the articles she submitted was.

Which lead to this arriving in our mailbox a couple of weeks ago – 


Her article published for all the world to see! Needless to say, she is STILL on cloud nine, planning out her next submission. I think a writer is born 😉

Check out Creative Kids for yourself. It is a fabulous opportunity.

I’ll be featuring more creative outlets in upcoming posts. For the next month, however, I may be a little absent, as I have major deadlines that I am incredibly behind one. Nothing like everything in my work, personal, nonfiction and fiction lives hitting all at once. AHHH!!!!

See ya next week!


3 thoughts on “Creative Outlets For Kids…

  1. Was looking for something like this for a poetry group I want to start at my daughter’s school. Any other publications like this?

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