Happy Monday everyone!

I am so excited to announce the sale of my latest nonfiction book, tentatively called Parenting Introverts. This book, sold to Prufrock Publishing, will be the latest in my books for parents and focuses on the unique needs of introverted children. Written in the same conversational style as Emotional Intensity and my other nonfiction works, Parenting Introverts discusses the hard-wiring of temperament, strategies for enhancing the strengths of an introvert and specific tools to work through some of the more difficult issues that may arise. In addition to the various strategies throughout the book, Parenting Introverts will also feature specific stories of parents and their introverted children. The book is slated for an October 2013 release.


And in related bookish news, my current nonfiction project, Redefining Normal, a book for teenage girls about resiliency, is being released in June 2013 – several months early. SO SO SO exciting.

Be on the look out for contests and such as we get closer to the release.

OH! And be sure to come back next week when I reveal a fresh, new look for the blog as well as introduce new features and contributors. So much fun!


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