Intensity and Life in general requires rest and restoration.  When you give yourself in totality for a committed period of time the inner resources can be drained.  Withdrawing and changing  directions becomes a necessity.  This allows for the opportunity for new discoveries, new adventures, time to do what has been put aside. So to the delight of my inner child it is time to play and escape from the day to day reality.  The adult in me calls that a vacation.  It is also time to regroup and feed the creativity so it may be expressed.  Time to explore nature and soak in the peace and energy.

The mystery of light
Going within
Simple Beauty
Path to new adventures
A bit of tranquility.

What is your favorite way to revive your energy?  How do you relax and rejuvenate?


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5 thoughts on “Rest and Restoration

  1. Nature and art for me too, Edith. I really like the mask, sort of the outlier piece of art. It’s a tiny bit disturbing, which going in can be. It’s also where much of the laughter is. All the things that we have been told have a time and a place, are inappropriate depending on the setting/situation. 🙂 I think a lot of my creativity lies in this space.Have an awesome play/vacation! And thanks for the 30 sec visual meditation. I’ll look at it periodically for quick realignment.

  2. I like to go to the library and wander around. It gets me excited again about possibilities. I started working as a library page in high school. Then started again in college as a way to rejuvenate my brain.
    I also like staring out the window (trees and mountains and flowers), watching the simpsons(laughter), playing digital boggle (soothing monotony).
    Every morning, a walk or workout juices my brain.

  3. Occasionally I just read, like on a quiet Saturday when my husband is home with the kids, I’ll just hang out in our bedroom and just read, and nap. A few hours of solitude more or less and I’m pretty golden for another week.

  4. Yes, each of us sooth our souls and excitability in our own way. We also seek that which will infuse us with energy and harmony. Solitude provides that hallow space and yet a night out dancing can provide the change of pace for rejuvenation. It is so great to see that each of you take steps for yourself to be restored!

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