We have lots of fun new things going on around here today – new contributors, new features, and a new look coming over the next couple of days. So much excitement!

To get us started I wanted to take today to introduce our new contributors, features, and such. The blog will be changing its look over the next week, so don’t be alarmed if things look a little different for a while.

To start, new features:

  1. DEAR GIFTED ME – We started this in the Spring and will be continuing with in the months to come. These features are letters to our younger “gifted” selves, telling us all the things we wish we knew back then. I welcome any of you to contact me at christine(at)christinefonseca.com and contribute your own story/letter. Until then, come back on Aug 8 for our next DEAR GIFTED ME feature
  2. Book Reviews – Most of us are avid readers of all things related to giftedness. So, I thought it would be great to do regular book review featuring some of our favorite books on topics relevant to giftedness. If you have suggestions for books we should check out, email me or leave a comment. Otherwise, our first review will be on 8/31
  3. Themes – another feature we’re adding – themes. A common topic for our posts ever month. It’s our hope that this will streamline our content and offer even more to you, our readers.  Upcoming theme for August – BACK TO SCHOOL: How do you get your family ready for the rigor and the craziness? Any special transitioning you need to do? These posts explore some of the things to think about as another school year approaches.

Pretty great, yes?

And now I want to welcome our newest contributors to the mix. As some of you know, Lisa Rivero is swamped with other commitments (including our beloved SENG), so it was time for her to move on. Between that and my inability to commit to weekly posts anymore, we added two new regular contributors and a couple of guest posters:

  • Dave and Kathy Mayer – This dynamic couple were readers of this blog before becoming our newest contributors. They are the parents of profoundly gifted and 2E children and will be sharing their experiences with us on the third Monday of the month. I can’t wait!
  • Cassidy Feliciano – Another reader-turned-contributor I’m excited to have join the team. She is a gifted/2E adult parenting gifted children. She has a ton of personal experience with her own intensities and that of her children and I am thrilled to have here on the second Mondays of the month.
  • Andrea Karafilis – Credentialed teacher and author, Andrea will be offering guest posts related to affective curriculum, homeschooling and more. I am thrilled that she agreed to be part of the team.

That’s it for now. Please be sure to check out the blog this week as I update the pages, the calendar, and the look. Until then…

Keep Embracing Chaos!


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