Hi all!

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend in the US. For me, I spent it knee-deep in edits for a new non-fiction book for girls that I am more than a little excited for. But more on that in future posts.

Today I wanted to introduce the month, our theme and a little September giveaway. As you can see, I’ve been busy rearranging a few things around her. I still have a lot to do, but it’s a start.

With September starting, it’s time to introduce a new topic – Surviving School 101. Our blogging schedule is on the right.

As I thought about what I wanted to say this month, I thought about the two books I have out and realized I’ve said a lot on the topic already. So, to celebrate going back to school (not to mention finally making some real progress on my edits) I have a very special giveaway for all of you.

I am giving away the annotated, unbound galleys for Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students AND 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids.

Both galleys (unbound copies of the book just before publication) have been marked up with notes by me, giving you a peek into my head as I read through my own book. Scary I know.

Entering is easy – just leave a comment on THIS post between now and Sept 11. I will pick two random commenters to win. Easy Peasy, right.

Good luck and be sure to spread the word (and leave another comment each time you do!).

What a fun way to start the month. I’ll be back at the end of the month to share a few thoughts on the topic. Until then, good luck with everything.

35 thoughts on “Happy September…with a little giveaway

  1. Oops, hope you meant September 11th! We’ve had a great start to school. Our 8th grade girl always has the most challenging time dealing with the stress and anxiety but this year she was amazing! She’s been on meds for a year now (the best decision we ever made) and started this summer with a new therapist whom she loves! It’s really helped her to (finally) be able to open up about her emotions to someone completely outside her life. “One day at a time” is our motto here along with “fake it ’til you make it!”. Hoping this week is as successful for my 3 brilliant girls!

  2. Your books sound great. I enjoy reading the blogs on here. Living in a small town I feel like my family and I are our own island. Very removed and me being a public school teacher on top of everything. Dont wirry i have to fight 10 times as hard as other parents. It’s unfortunate that more people aren’t aware of the complexities of gifted people.

  3. Hello–lovely that you are giving away the books. We just ordered and received them last week and are really enjoying them!

  4. I have both of your books, but I sure would love to see your notes. I am fascinated by
    everybody’s editing processes.

    1. My handwritten notes are boring – more my ongoing commentary. And I do annotate the galleys for the winner specifically. EEP!

  5. Christine, you have the coolest stuff to give away. 🙂 It would be great to see the thoughts you had as you edited the pages and had ideas.

  6. * 🙂 * * Woo – HOOO!! * * 🙂 *

    We could SURELY use the books in this house!! So generous of you to hold this contest!! With my daughter being an aspiring write, as well, it would be very interesting to be able to see it with the notes, etc. and how it looks before publication.

  7. I cannot wait to purchase your new book! You Emotional Intensity book is definitely one of my favorites! Why would you ever want to give up those precious unbound copies?!! I guess we won’t ever see you on an episode of Hoarders 🙂

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