As we start our 2012 -2013 school year here at home, I find myself reflecting on years past.  I used to spend a lot of time researching curriculum and philosophies.  Thanks to the help of some great authors, speakers, bloggers, and friends; this year I spent my time researching my boys.   I have found that they crave hands on learning, and we are all much happier for diving into this kind of learning.  This has been our smoothest transition from summer to schooling ever.  That said, everyday is challenging, I am homeschooling gifted kids, who are exhaustingly wonderful.  Over the top excited about something one minute and crying in heap on the floor the next.  So how does a homeschool momma survive all this?

My homeschooling gifted survival kit….Um… I mean inspiration.  J

  • Support is key to surviving homeschooling, if you’re homeschooling gifted kids, the support of those who understand what you are doing is vital!  GHF  is an online community of parents homeschooling their gifted kids.  The support I have received there is invaluable!  A must if you are homeschooling gifted kids.
  • Pinterest- if you don’t have a pinterest account, you need one!  I have gotten hundreds of great hands on learning ideas.  It also keeps me sane in other ways. I get yummy recipes, craft ideas, decorating ideas, workout routines, and much more.  here’s a link to my pinterest boards  I’m a pinterest junkie, I would love to see your boards too.
  • Friends- sometimes nothing beats sitting with a friend and brain storming ideas over a latte.
  • Fun- In all the craziness I can forget that we all need to have fun.  Whenever I feel the intensity is raising we take a fun break.  Sometimes it’s as simple as turning up some music and dancing, sometimes it’s a walk to the park, sometimes we head to the beach, or a local museum.  Whatever we chose to do clears our heads and gets the blood flowing.  We come back in much better moods and we get much more accomplished.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day; I often remind myself that this homeschooling season will be over all too soon.  I know that I will look back and miss the here and now.  There are days that I feel like it would be highly unlikely that I would miss the chaos.  On those days I look for all the support I can get.  I hope that my survival kit helps you on the hard days.


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