Here we are, well into another school year. Carpooling, taxiing to too many activities, up until the late hours working on homework. My children are in Middle School and High School and their workload is extreme–not by my choice, necessarily, but by their own. They’ve both had colds already, both had multiple tests and projects.

Yes, the year is underway.

My children are used the chaos of the school year. In many respects they thrive on it. But this year takes busy to this whole other level, especially for my high schooler.

It’s her junior year. She’s in a honors program that makes college look easy. She loves it, but the schedule does not come without a price. She’s in a program with kids just like her. It’s competitive and it’s hard on her when she isn’t as successful as she wants to me. Already this year she has applied for something only to have most of her friends succeed where she did not. It’s frustrating to her. Her intensities grow and she turns into a bit of a mess.

But this year, something else has happened as well. She’s learning to process that angst and frustration. She’s talking more about why she gets frustrated, and dealing with her emotions better. It is magical for me to watch. My husband and I have tried to teach her these skills for so long–watching her use them is a blessing we didn’t honestly expect to see before she went off to college.

Yes, we are into another school year. And yes, it is intense. But this year also brings a rare maturity. At least for now. And you know what, we’ll enjoy it while we can.

On a different note – next month brings posts regarding my favorite topic – emotional intensity. I hope you guys have been enjoying the posts so far.

See you next week.

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