So I am not in school and the boys have completed college.  School is a symbol of continued learning and ongoing change.  School has a set schedule – 9 months, year round, 5 hour days, 12 hour days – with a progression – it changes.  Some of the changes we plan and mitigate some are not within our control.  We change internally also, part through experiences, maturity, and other change by how we respond to “the change”.  Change always presents its challenges.  Surviving change is a life skill.

The seasons’ changing is the common example of the constancy of change.   Each school year is a change.  Each day of life offers change.  School has a routine as does life.  Routines, people, places can feel comfortable as they are “the same”.  However, are we aware of the subtle changes?   Are we adjusting to the changes without thought because of the familiarity?  The seasons change and we adjust without much thought.

Change is stimulating – delight or overwhelm?  Does the change meet our need of something new, different, and challenging or overwhelm us with too much, anxiety of the unknown, and increases of sensitivity?  What is our perspective or point of view relative to change?  What approach or response do we demonstrate for those around us –children – colleagues?  Do we create change or do we muddle through change?  Do we meet change head on and immerse ourselves or we do fight it tooth and nail?

Change can be easier if we understand some of the whys.  Last month was the discussion of transition – preparation for the change.  Knowing a change is going to happen planning and preparation are important tools – at home, school, or work.  Wanting change and achieving it is easier knowing our whys – is there enough value in the change for us to apply the effort necessary to change?  Why change – responsive or proactive.  Surviving change is a life skill.

We are in the midst of a season change.   The colors of the foliage are part of that change.  It is a beautiful transition to observe.  However, have you thought about the factors that impact the color changes – different plant genetics, different weather conditions, man-made environmental factors, fire, elevation all contribute to the color change?  We can experience the change without much thought, with or without conscious observation, or understand the dynamics of the change and our participation in the change.

Information gathering (observation, listening, and research) and decision making (info, value, pros, and cons) are tools for surviving change.  Breathing, flowing, and  patience are also tools of change.  What are your tools for surviving change?


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One thought on “Surviving Change

  1. Patience and Confidence; that’s what i can say. These two are main thing for a man to survive their whole life. If we try to implement them or to teach them in a different way from the school grades of the children it will be good for everybody to make a good human being.

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