Emotional Intensity is a daily experience.  Questioning my sanity and normalcy is a recurrent question.  There is the need to blend in.  Survival requires developing the ability to deliberately detach.  Yet the moments of ecstasy, even relative to little things is marvelous.

I do treasure quiet times.  Walks in nature even urban trails is moderating and rejuvenating.  I also have found other ways to manage the rapid moving roller coaster.  Flower essences and acupressure are tools I use to moderate the intensity.  To get further in touch, drawing mandalas is helpful.  And movement, various kinds, is oh so helpful both as a release and a stimulus.

Emotional Intensity covers the full spectrum from pain to joy.  I know no other life.  I embrace the intensity now with greater understanding.  I also, know to live the diversity present in my life I need to manage the intensity as not to have it manage me.  Constant containment is not the answer.  Flowing within a channel with periodic gentle excursions over the bank, works.  Water absorbs and reflects, as to the emotional intense.

The experience of the most brilliant rainbow and the darkest night are important.  Knowing there are subtleties of color in between expands the experience of management of intensity.  To know I AM (intense) and CAN BE (balanced) adds to the adventure and enjoyment of each new day!


Edith shares further her experiences and resources at howtoinlife.com blog.


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