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Gratitude is an emotion, an attitude, a frame of mind and all part of the roller coaster I experience as life with intensity.  Yes when I am grateful, appreciative, thankful – I may bow down to you and get on my hands and knees or jump up and down with an excited dance.  Yes gratitude can be intense.  Then I am grateful for the intensity in my experience and expression of life.  The vivid colors I see, the subtle differences in sounds I hear, the rapid connections and leaps in ideas are oh so marvelous and I am thankful for encounter on all levels.

Some thoughts by Sue Patton Thoele:  “Gratitude, like laughter and humor, lifts our spirits and hearts and encourages us to ascend into the realms of joy and appreciation.  It makes us thankful for the incredible gift of life that we’ve been given and for the people who have chosen to share it with us.            Gratitude gentles even the roughest roads and gives wings to the heart.  Buoyed by gratitude, we can sail over most situations while keeping healthy, and even joyful, perspective on the landscape of our lives.”

“As we gently learn to believe in our own worth, gratitude for our unique individuality is the result.”

“ We also need to be especially gentle with ourselves when we misplace our sense of gratitude.  We are human, and, when the pain in our hearts becomes acute, we sometimes forget to be grateful.  That’s okay, because we can always reclaim our gratitude.  And as we remember to drink the sweet nectar of gratitude toward ourselves, the cup naturally passes to those whom we love.”

Remember the roller coaster with its up and downs.  Remember the Intensity –of gratitude and gratitude for.

Any preferred emotion, attitude, or habit of action takes practice.  The Alphabet of gratitude is a fun way to practice being grateful.

I am grateful:

A –  I am grateful for All  – things and people.  Or the apple for the nutrition it provides, the seed for growth it represents, the sweet / tart taste experience.

B – Bad time lessons; the basketball game watching the boys play, brothers

C – for the courage to continue; the cat rubbing against my leg

D – the devastation I have muddled through; the dreams translating to realities

E – the egg, sunny side up; the enthusiastic greetings of people gathering

F – Family, Friends, Father, Fun times; the failures I have got up from and failed again to overcome or accomplish

G – the grass, the greenery, the ground; the grasping at straws and grabbing hold of one

H – hope, help, health; hard times that stretch us beyond


J – joy, justice, jubilation; jealousy and jerks that provide an opportunity for an attitude shift

K – kindness, kitchen sink, kettle for homemade soup

L – Life, Love, little brother and sister, landscapes to admire-to cross

M –mountains, Mother, mistakes

N – nothing – think again; notions, nudges, nuts

O – oblivion, opportunities, oceans

P – parents, people, pets, pockets, pistol-packing-momma

Q – quiet, quirky, quizzical

R – rowdy, races,  open roads, relationships

S – sunsets, sunrises, sisters, sacrifices, sharing

T – tolerance, tragedy, time

U – underachievement, unity, useful tools

V – vinegar, vitamins, vitality

W – water, wishes, wander lust, waste, work

X – xrays (a word for scrabble of course), xenobiotic, xenophilia (had to have some fun)

Z – It’s been a zoo to add some order to this intense chaos – smile – an everyday experience.

What would be in your Alphabet Soup of Gratitude???


Edith can be found sharing notes, thoughts, experiences, question with or without answers at How To In Life. Com 


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