As this month of gratitude comes to a close, I’m finding myself grateful for how far we’ve come in the last year. See, a year ago my family was still reeling from a very difficult cross-country move. It wasn’t an unexpected move, but it was rough and uncomfortable and just ugly all around. We had barely settled in when our oldest son, twice-exceptional and über complex, hit the wall with school. A ten year old should not have anxiety attacks over homework, and that was only a small slice of it. He has never done well with change, so I should have expected it, but it was far worse than anything I could have anticipated. I pray we never, ever, again have months like the ones last fall. The levels of sadness and stress and fear and uncertainty and anger were unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Never again.

A year later things are so much better. I can’t say they’re perfect, not by a long shot, but so much better. It’s like surviving a long, miserable winter and then one morning smelling spring earth. There’s still snow all over the place, but hope has taken hold and so you can get through those last several weeks. Every month our son becomes more himself, a self that was slowly dying in school. He is happier, more affectionate, more relaxed. He is no longer on edge 24/7/365. He is rediscovering his love for learning, something I feared was lost forever. We have our son back. Homeschooling did that for us.

What a difference a year makes. Twelve months from now I hope to see even more improvement, but I’m grateful for what we have to date.

Jen writes over at Laughing at Chaos, and is the author of If This is a Gift, Can I Send It Back?: Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional.


2 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes

  1. I’m so glad homeschooling solves it. My daughter and I just get into it. I hired a tutor just to check her homework because she can’t handle her mom telling her something is wrong.
    Where did you move from?

    1. I’ve thought about hiring a tutor to help me keep him accountable, I’m just waiting for the Money Tree to blossom. 😉
      We moved from Colorado to Illinois last year. Lots of positives and negatives all around, but the positives have pulled ahead. LOL

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