Wow! It’s December. I can scarcely believe it! Last month our posts focused on gratitude. For me, I spent the month not only focusing on my own gratitude, but doing everything I could to cultivate a grateful heart. I must say that the impact was nothing short of miraculous. Literally.

Relationships, job stresses, and other bothersome things from Sept and October – really from the entire year – no longer carried the same emotional weight with me. Instead of feeling sad about changing relationships or lost opportunities, I was seeing the gifts that each experience had given me.

Now, this isn’t to say I never had hard times. Man, I did…profoundly so. As I said in my November post,  the end of November marks the anniversary of my mother’s death. That, coupled with a relatively difficult year, and I shed plenty of tears over the last week or so. But amidst the tears and pain were moments of gratitude so profound that more than was it literally took my breath away. All from cultivating a practice all month of being grateful.

Well, I decided to continue my forward momentum during this, the last month of 2012. But this time I am focusing on joy.

Every day this month, I am finding a moment of joy – sometimes planned, like bringing back Sunday night dinner with my family, and sometimes unplanned, like an unexpected moment with a friend. Whatever it is – big or small – I will be posting about my joy-filled moment on facebook and holding a place of joy in my heart.

So, to all of you – I invite you to do the same. Cultivate a joyful heart and pay attention to those random moments of joy in your own life.

The topic this month is joy. And each of us will be posting about joy throughout the month. For me, I’ll be back at the end to wrap things up. I can’t wait to share the results of Project Joy!

Our schedule is in the sidebar. We hope you enjoy the month!


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