Our family has a lot to be joyful about this time if year.  In addition to the holiday  going ons, we celebrate our youngest son’s birthday and our anniversary.  This year my hubby is taking a huge test, there is a lot riding on this test for him professionally.  Stress is high, which in a gifted household means intensity is high.  In the face of this stress and the stress the holiday season can bring I am on a quest to find the joy of the season within the day-to-day.

The Christmas tree set up, joy.  Decorating the tree, joy.  Memories special ornaments evoke, joy.  Santa pictures of old, joy.  Tasting egg nog for the first time, joy.  Smiles a cup of  warm coco brings, joy.  Radio stations that play Christmas music all month-long, joy. Crumpled up paper in a mock snowball fight, joy.  Eyes wide with the reflection of Christmas lights in them, joy.  Candles blown out and wishes for more to come, joy. Celebrating 13 years of marriage, joy. Surprise trip to Disneyland, joy.  Conversations contemplating if Santa is real, joy.  Christmas books read while snuggled on the couch, joy.  First fire in the fire-place, joy.  Creating silly lyrics to favorite Christmas songs, joy.  Walking hand in hand while looking at Christmas lights, joy.  Counting down to Christmas, joy.  Doing art projects with friends, joy. Making Christmas presents, joy. volunteering to feed the homeless, joy.  Finding the local aquarium decorated for Christmas, joy.  Christmas cards in the mail, joy. Niece about to enter the world, joy. Baking christmas cookies, joy. Writing letters to santa, joy. Spending time together, joy

Taking the time to really look at what brings joy, I found that for our  family, joy is spending time together.  Yes the presents are nice, but what really matters, what really brings joy, is time spent.


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