Flash Mobs have been a way to stop the chaos of the day and have a shared moment of delight.  Do you notice that most everyone enJOYs the moment and stops to be a part?  One tidbit online shows the trending way to propose is in a Flash Mob presentation, a moment of joy within a joyful event.  Planned and yet spontaneous – Joy.

I can be going through the day – be down or be happy and the lyrics from a childhood song will come to mind to cheer me or express the moment…. I’ve got joy, joy, joy …down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart …to stay!  Daily life is truly a roller coaster – with high sensitivities and intensity – it is a very fast moving roller coaster with significant magnitude.  With that as a contributing factor, my joy can be a little zealous at times.  Two things then come into play – need to fit in so tone down the excitement, delight, exuberance – otherwise get those weird looks and comments, “why are you so happy?” The answer is many times I don’t know, I am.  The second thing that comes in to play is my wariness, as I know the crash is coming and then need to moderate that experience.

And still, JOY is very desirable – it is pleasant, warm, and fun feeling.  It can be the littlest things – comments this week on facebook – “hearing my child – whistling, singing, playing in the house for the holiday – brings me JOY”.  Other little things can be noticing – snowflakes, ice formations, flowers, drops of rain, rainbows, butterflies, the silly smile or position of your pet, and…….   Then there is the ongoing or new relationships; being in the flow; sudden windfalls (of minor or major proportions); figuring out the next step for a goal or a problem solution; and …..  Breathing is a joy, not usually noticed.  Are we noticing our joy?  Are we experiencing our joy? Are we sharing our joy?

Joy to you and me and the world this holiday season!

Take a moment and share a moment of your joy here with all of us….


Edith can be found sharing joy and many other thoughts at www.howtoinlife.com


2 thoughts on “Flash Mobs — JOY

  1. I was once told I should have been a kindergarten teacher (by my students). Not because of the subject matter, but because of the way I would be inappropriately excited about my students’ learning in high school.

  2. I can relate to that! When working with my sons as a coach for Invent America or Odyssey of the Mind it was more ok because the kids were also enthusiastic. However, my sons just shake their heads and say that’s mom. Yet, they get similar reactions with their exuberance.

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