Happy New Year everyone! I am back to the grind full throttle this week, trying to figure out how to balance my New Year’s goals with the realities of my day job. I took a month off of writing, which was both a  good and difficult thing…without the outlet that the writing brings, I was more emotional and angsty than typical. But, I had more time in my day for some real life things.

Now, as I try to get back to the habit of writing, meet my deadlines, and meet the obligations of the day job and I back to wondering how on earth to fit it all in.

Our gifted children often have the same dilemma – they have far more things they want to do then they can fit in. But they try, and they try. And at the start of  a new year, be it the start of a new school year or a new calendar year, they try new ways to fit more on their plate. And more often then not, the results is not as they would like…

They get stressed, frustrated and feel somewhat less because they can’t accomplish everything they are setting out to accomplish. They stuck on their need to be perfect with the endeavors, dwindling away the time until nothing at all gets accomplished.

So, this year, why not change the focus. Instead of trying to fit more and more into the day, why not focus on one or two major areas of life and concentrate efforts on those. Make it a theme, if you will.

For me, the theme is self-nurturing.  Everything I attempt, everything I try to fit into my day is bounced against this year’s theme. I literally ask myself, “does this work towards my goal of self-nurturing?” If it does, I will consider doing it. If it does not, I will strongly considering NOT adding it to my to-do list.

In this way, I have a point of focus for the year. A compass with a specific definition of “north”.

Try it! Have your kids try it. It may be helpful. It has proven helpful to me in the past.

How are you approaching goals?

3 thoughts on “Developing Your Theme for the Year

  1. Thank you for this post. It’s something I struggle with and feel like I fail at all the time. A theme might be a good way to keep myself in check, and still feel like I am accomplishing “enough”.

  2. Thank you for giving me some self clarity. I have recently found myself struggling with the hundred things I want and “need” to do. Sometimes the obsession of getting it down destroys the pleasure of the task. Self nurture – being as kind to myself as I would another what a bold fresh ideaa. Thank you again…

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