New beginnings. 2013 is full of them for me: new classes I am teaching; new writing commitments; new trainings to lead more workshops; and a new business. And all of them stem from big visions I have.

And the trouble with a big vision is that it can be hard to keep hold of the goal during the thousand and one baby steps it takes to implement it.

How many gifted people see a complex problem and a solution and get stuck between the vision and the reality? My guess is many. I certainly see it every day with my children.

Big visions are nothing new to me. What is new this year is my approach. So far, this year, I have been taking some time every day to remind myself that the only way to achieve grand things is to take steps in the right direction every day.

I invite those of you with grand goals to join me: one step at a time. And if we keep walking, we’ll get somewhere eventually.


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