Earlier this month, Christine talked about the usefulness of picking a theme for the year. Later, Jen touched on the subject in her recent post. This sounds like a good and worthy thing to accomplish. I think it would help me with setting goals, and staying on track with what I want to accomplish. What I am having trouble with is getting my synaptically overloaded brain to stop and pick ONE thing. Or even just two. Earlier this month, I mentioned two goals I am hoping to work on for the year. I am continuing to work on those things, though progress in some areas is slower than in others. 

I am playing with the ideas of scaling back, trimming down, focus (How? In the middle of typing this, I had they urge to look up croque madame recipes. I followed that urge. I’m back now…but for how long?). Where was I? Oh yes, trimming down. I think I have too many interests. I would like to turn at least one of them, even two, into something where I could actually earn some money doing something I enjoy. I enjoy writing –though preferably fiction writing or essays. Then I ask myself, how much do I enjoy writing if I can’t even manage to get my post for this blog in on time? (It was due Friday morning). I’ve been knitting and crocheting a lot. Making a lot of gifts for friends, but not doing so well in the “stockpiling and inventory for an Etsy account” area. And then, somewhere in the middle of my knitting and crocheting, I miss my writing. I am having ideas, but no, I can’t put down what I’m working on, especially if there is a deadline –like wanting to finish a baby afghan before the baby is born. I start to get obsessed with one project or another, needing to keep working on it. Just one more row. Just one more pattern repeat. The same thing happens when I’m writing, except I tend to be much less cordial to anyone who dares enter the room where I am working. This may be a reason I’ve been sticking more with the needle arts than the “Word Crafting” lately: I enjoy getting along with my family. And with that, I think I have come up with my theme for the year: “Stress-reduction.”

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