New for today

I started in 2012 with a promise to myself to do something new – either never done before by me or not done for a long time.  I have made that a life time process now.  Last year I made it indoor skydiving, horseback riding,  a road trip to an Opal Mine and Yellowstone-Tetons, rented a forest service cabin in the La Sal National Forest, spent a weekend at Vapor Caves and Spa —– well you get the idea.

I am continuing this year already with returning to Tai Chi, Qi Gong classes.  Planning the basement remodel (yes out of necessity, yet it will be NEW).  Some plans include joining some groups I am a member of for their conferences, hiking to see the wild horses, and whatever else I can come up with.

Doing something new brings vitality, release, excitement, discovery, adventure, thrill, relaxation… many emotions and experiences.  New beginnings bring growth and opportunities.

Each day is a new beginning with a fresh attitude and potential to look at things differently.  I can write a new page of my story.  Oh, there are days and moments that I cannot see beyond whatever muddle I am stuck in.  However, with the intention of looking for a new beginning the rebound comes quicker and a new chapter begins.

Experiencing the newness in relationships, on the job, different activities, goals, learning and playing is very much a part of life.  Many times we neglect to be aware of that newness.  We become stuck in a rut, routine, familiarity, complacency, or maybe our own intensity.  Similar to breathing – we do it automatically (and not always well).  However, when we become aware of our breath and consciously breathe in and out, our energy changes; there is a different awareness; there is a letting go; there is newness.  And with an awareness of the moment we see the flower blooming (not just in bloom); we hear the melody of the birds singing (not just the chirping); we feel the emotion, including the intensity, of the interaction.  We are new.

We are new – literally – (someone – provide the details again of how we change every day with the replacement of all the cells in our body).  We are new – our thoughts and experiences are constantly changing.  We are new – there has been no other person like us and no other moment like this.  Be conscious of the newness and have fun!


Edith blogs regularly sharing her thoughts and tools for personal development of multi-talents at


Author: Edith Johnston

35 years of experience guiding individuals in developing their potential and a life time of experience as a multi-talented. She is educated with four degrees and many lessons through the school of hard knocks. She provides resources and opportunities for personal development of multi-talented individuals through her blog, website, presentations, workshops, and books. She has the ability to identify the current dilemma and present options for personal growth. She uses a wide variety of techniques to connect with varied learning styles. She has worked in various venues from private companies, government, non-profits, and private practice. She has worked with a diverse clientele having the full spectrum of abilities and challenges. She is diligent in her mission to provide opportunities for individuals to acquire tools for their internal and external journeys of life. She is the owner of “How To” Life Consultants, LLC providing live and virtual services. The focus is to assist you in figuring out “how to” express your talents, make a contribution, and connect.

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