The gifted heart pleads the words of Jewel, with every beat; “Please be gentle with me, I’m sensitive, and I’d like to stay that way.”

Sensitive has been a word used negatively with me.  When I have expressed my feelings most people would tell me, “Oh, you’re being too sensitive.” Or “Don’t be so sensitive.”   I’ve come to learn that being sensitive can be a good thing. The following are some of my favorite experiences, that my sensitive boys have allowed me to learn from.

          Sometimes in the morning the boys and I will hear birds calling.  We open the windows and enjoy the morning symphony. “Momma, isn’t it amazing?” My 8-year-old asks. “Momma it’s so beautiful!” My 5-year-old remarks.  I tell my boys that not all kids appreciate these things like you do. Most people spend their lives rushing right past this.  I thank them for slowing me down, to really see and feel all the morning brings.

     While at a restaurant one night. A man in military fatigues walked in.  My then toddler looked at me and said, “Momma, he sad.”  My toddler then spent the rest of dinner time trying to get to the man.  When he finally reached the man, my son hugged him, the man shed a tear.

     My 7-year-old rode the dragon swing ride for the first time.  He was screaming with delight, laughing uncontrollably, a smile ear to ear, the whole ride.  Other kids looked at him as though he were strange.  My son didn’t care, he enjoyed that ride to his utmost.

My boys have taught me to slow down and fully enjoy the world around me. To risk and show compassion to those who cross my path. To enjoy my life to my utmost, no matter who is watching.  They have taught me to embrace my sensitive heart.

Embrace your sensitive heart!






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