Welcome to April and the start of the Spring months here at Intense Life. This month we are focusing on the “Nurturing the Soul of the Gifted.” Our calendar is up on the right sidebar and I am truly excited to see what we all post about.

I’ve been giving the topic a lot of thought of late, as my own self-care has been a HUGE issue and focus, as has the idea of nurturing my soul and what that really means. With gifted individuals, life exists in this intense dance between overindulgence of one form or another and complete deprivation. We are lessons in extremes, spending a lifetime learning how to balance our nature. But sometimes I wonder, is it meant to be balanced? Or is this dance between the extremes the place where our own joy can be found?

But more on all of that next week, when I post my post. Until then, start thinking about how you nurture the soul of the gifted individuals in your life, including yourself!


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