This month’s topic, Nurturing the Soul of the Gifted, is so appropriate for me. I have been spending the better part of the year trying to achieve some sort of balance within and nurture a part of me that I have spent too much of the past year ignoring. It has been a difficult journey most days, as old habits push their way to the forefront of my thoughts and the new habits I am cultivating – things like healthy living, regular meditation, my daily pages – get lost in the daily routine.

But every now and then, when I catch myself enjoying the site of a beautiful fresh flower, or stopping to watch a bird sing in the window outside my home, I am reminded that this, like most journeys, begins with a single step, a moment of action.


Not wallowing in angst. Not regret or sadness. Action.

But not any kind of action. Deliberate action that moves me in the direction of my dreams. Action that places my life, my soul, front and center. This is the type of action I have taken all year; baby steps with one goal in mind – live authentically.

It is no small task to live an authentic life. But, in placing that as my goal, I am nurturing the deepest aspects of my soul. And I am filled with purpose and joy.


I guess I am right where I should be after all.

How about all of you? Are you nurturing your soul, living creatively, and being authentic?


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