That point of total exhaustion – and yes, it is body, mind, and soul.  Having immersed myself in various projects – many times simultaneously (somewhat out of necessity), I reach a point where there are no more resources to draw on.  The ‘to do’ and ‘want to’ lists have not gone away, just running below empty.   Yes, below empty because the output is more than full tilt.  Nurturing the Soul just became a necessity.

Do you ever get to that point?

Picture –  hands wringing, pacing, face scrunched, saying “What to do, what to do?”

Best starting point is BREATHING.   I also fall back on some of my techniques and modalities for reconnecting and rejuvenating my body, mind, and soul.  I use Jin Shin Acupressure, Flower Essences, drawing Mandalas, breathing, exercise, walks (especially in nature settings), reading, and have to watch out or eating enters the formula.    Then I give myself permission to stop and play; not to have to do it all today.

The trick is to build nurturing the Soul into the daily routine.  The intensity of life’s “routine” experiences requires frequent nurturing of the Soul.

Another wearing on the Soul is that many times nurturing can be very exuberant and watch out for the reactions of others. –à Lean your head back, shake your hair from side to side with a gentle breeze caressing you, and laugh out loud.  Be comfortable in your own skin and the Soul shines through.  (And yes singing in the shower or dancing in the garage is ok too.)

PLAY– Something that will make our hearts sing, souls dance, and can be remembered again and again with joy and happiness.  Barbara Brennen in ‘The Gift of Play’.

Yes nurture your Soul through play.  Play often – it is productive, it nurtures your soul!

What do you do to Nurture your Soul?  How do you PLAY?


Edith shares more thoughts, tools, and experiences at How To In Life


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