Enough is enough when you are asked to do many things, or expect many things of yourself.  Part of resiliency strategy is saying no, setting boundaries.  Knowing your own limits, priorities and the balance you desire lets you maintain a greater consistency of energy.

Yes, we are high energy individuals and many times driven and thus exhaustion can take its toll.  Healthy habits – rest, water, food are all part of the formula.  The key is to know one’s self and to bring your unique balance to your life.  Balance can include peak performance, pursuing multiple interests, doing for others, withdrawing, seeking solitude, focus on a passion, and so on.  Resiliency is stretching the rubber band to expand and grow and yet maintaining the components that contribute to who you are so that the rubber band has the means to stretch.

Enough is enough is also when stagnation, routine, mediocrity, boredom set in and there is an internal experience of void and/or chaos.  You must know yourself to identify the experience, have the awareness and understanding to be able to take action.  Resiliency means drawing on your strength and act in accordance to your values, abilities, desires, dreams to be who you are and make the contribution of your choice.  Living is an active state and a state of choice.  The living tree is strong and can withstand and yet flexible to withstand.

Accountability and responsibility come with choice.  Respect of self is needed to make choice and follow through with action.  The expression through your actions is your choice.  Yes this sounds circular and yet is wholeness.  Resiliency comes with taking control of your life and knowing there is not absolute control.  Flow as the river and flow as in singular focus are important for a resilient life.

No the experience is not continuous.  We experience the ups and downs, the fullness and emptiness, the depression and joy.  Life is full of cycles.  Resilience is to know the cycles and know the moments with the ability to return to the moments.   As with water and its many phases we too must have phases for day to day living and for living our dreams.  May you know and experience resiliency.


Edith shares more of personal development for multi-talents at howtoinlife.com


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