Only two more school days left as I type this. Now that my youngest is 12, and relatively self-sufficient, summer vacation doesn’t instill the dread it used to. While the new school year is still “The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year!” For a change, we have something extra planned for our daughter other than just the usual going to Arizona in July to visit grandma and grandpa. Yes. Arizona in July. Summertime fun? Well, they do have air-conditioning and a swimming pool, so there’s that. Plus, our daughter gets to visist with her cousins and we get to visit with family…which is great for the first couple of days.

This year, our daughter is going to music camp and taking her clarinet. Also, she recently began lessons with the tenor sax. Other than a weekend camping trip with my Bluebirds troop, I have never been to summer camp. My husband went to band camp, but that was specifically for his marching band group. 

For, me, the summer will consist of pretty much the same thing it does the rest of the year, minus getting my daughter to and from school. Now it will probably be to and from the local pool. I suppose trips to the beach may increase. I am hoping to get more reading done. Knitting and crochet may go on the back burner a bit due to the weather…then again maybe not. 

It’s really our daughter’s life that changes the most over the summer. She is still in middle school, so she doesn’t have any over the summer reading for AP classes yet. She is done with homework until 7th grade begins! Her only upcoming assignment is to bring some sort of topping for the popcorn party they are having on the last day –like M&Ms or Reeses Pieces. Really, that is my assignment, isn’t it? 

She will get to spend more time with her friends, many of whom will be on Minecraft with her.   There will be many more sleep-overs, especially during the week, now that every day is the weekend for her.

So, other than Music Camp and visiting relatives, we don’t have any solid summer plans. How about you?


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