One of the bonuses of Summer Vacation, and my husband being self-employed is that sometimes we can just take off to the beach on a moment’s notice. That is what happened on Friday, instead of posting something at my scheduled time. I am only feeling a modicum of guilt. It was a beautiful day at La Jolla Shores. I got to witness a boy learning for the first time why it is a very bad idea to offer food to seagulls, it was like a scene out of a Hitchcock film. 

The waves were high enough to make amateur surfers happy, but not so high that young boogie-boarders like my daughter were discouraged. The last several beach trips were daddy-daughter only trips. This was trip that I learned my little girl isn’t so little anymore. As she went off with her boogie board, my husband got up. I thought he was going to follow to keep an eye on her since our location was not optimal for viewing her ocean activities. Instead, he said he was going for a walk along the shore in the opposite direction. I said, “So, you’re not going to watch her?”

“Nope,” he happily replied.

“Well, I can’t see her from here, aren’t you worried?”

“Nope,” he smiled.

“Okay, then!”

I glanced over at the group of swimmers and boogie-boarders. I couldn’t tell which one was her, but decided there were enough adults over there, and realized she is now a strong enough swimmer, that perhaps it was time to let go a little more. 

Sure, enough, about forty minutes later, she bounded happliy up to our little set-up of umbrella, chairs and towels, ready for a snack. When did my little girl get so independent?  It happened when I wasn’t watching.


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