????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Hi everyone! I am thrilled to be bringing you a new look and a new focus to the An Intense Life blog. In the past I have posted about writing, giftedness and, most recently, hosted a group blog related to gifted children and adults. The latter, in particular, has been one of my greatest joys. Each and every contributor shared information that always left me smiling!

Now, along with a new focus for my life in general, I have decided to use this blog to bring advice related to living a purpose-filled, authentic life.  Blogging Monday-Friday, it is my intent to feature posts that relate to healthy living, parenting with purpose, living authentically, resiliency and renewal. Although I won’t strictly focus on giftedness, these topics naturally lend themselves to some of the most intense among us – the gifted.

Each day this week I will talk about the schedule and how I plan on shaping the conversation. It is my hope that you will continue to join me and contribute. I always learn so much from the readers of this blog.

Tuesday will be dedicated to cultivating healthy habits and living healthy. Covering a myriad of topics, it will also be confessing a few of my own downfalls, as this is definitely a topic – an area of my life – I struggle with. Be on the look-out for my own confessions, and a special Facebook page dedicated to improving in this and other areas.

Come by and visit, contribute to the conversations, and help me continue the meaning conversations that have always occurred on this blog.


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