woman on a cliffSome of you may have seen my FB post earlier today when I spoke a little about the number of writer’s I see that are fried, burn-out, and spent. Well, that feeling is around a lot these days – and not just with my writer friends, but with everyone. it seems that we are growing more and more out of balance, losing touch with our authentic selves a little more each day.


It is with that sentiment that Friday’s will be all about living authentically. Starting with next week and a pledge I am publicly making, I will be inviting you to join me as I get rid of my own personal barriers, deal with some dark demons and live a more authentic life. I am excited beyond words for this and I hope you will all join me. 

Together we can help each other as we strive to be purpose filled and enjoy every  one of live’s ups and downs – even while we feel our feelings and deal with our shadows.

Who’s with me?


3 thoughts on “Living Life Authentically

  1. This is my first time here and the challenge was more than I expected. Much more. But it is also speaking to me. So I am with you. I take the challenge to be more authentic, to live authentically, to be myself to the whole. I am sure I will be returning. Until then, stay authentic!

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