adventureSo Tuesday’s are “Healthy Habits” days around an Intense Life.  And what better way to start, then by being completely honest and open about my not-so-healthy habits.

I often teach families the value of adequate sleep, exercise, balanced living and healthy eating. It is the cornerstone of authenticity for me. And yet, when I examine my own life I have to admit that I am far from practicing what I preach.

Healthy habits are always the first thing that falls away when my stress levels get out of control.  And man, over the past few years the stress was nonstop and the balance, the commitment to healthy living was…well…absent.

This caused a lot of shame in me, if I’m being totally honest. I mean what right did I have to tell others to live a balanced life when I was allowing my weight to spiral into very unhealthy levels, or allowing my stress to dominate my moods and keep me from achieving the authenticity and purpose I was looking for.

In Feb, 2013, I started coming clean about the problem. I made changes that I hoped would help. And it did in, sort of. Making some important life changes and coming clean with myself about some unhealthy patterns set the scene for what will now be a true commitment to healthy living.

Starting with this post and the start of a new Facebook page, An Intense Life, dedicated to living authentically, I am in full commitment and action mode. I am using this platform to get myself back into shape physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

And I am hoping you will join me.

Step 1:  Follow this blog and “Like” my Facebook page, An Intense Life.

Step 2: Starting this Friday, I will be asking all of you to commit to ridding yourself of whatever it is that is holding you back from living your best life. For some, like me, that may be your physical lifestyle choices. For others it may involve ridding yourself of toxic relationships or increasing your faith. Whatever it is, I want you to take the time between now and Friday to figure out what you want to focus on and make a few goals.

On Friday, come back here or on Facebook, and take the pledge to be the authentic you. 

Through the power of community we can all help each other be the person we are destined to be – whatever that is. We can cheer each other on, support each other when it gets hard, and challenge each to do more.

For me, I am focusing on getting back into shape. Yes, this will involve a renewed commitment to healthy eating, exercise, and meditation – the three things that keep me in shape. I’ll share my progress, good or bad, and the things that are working for me.

My hope, is that you’ll join me and take the pledge on Friday.

Who’s ready?


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