I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good team lately. Perhaps it’s because I am in a work situation where collaboration and innovation can create magic for kids Or, lack of trust and boundaries can create a hostility that hurts kids. It’s all in how the team functions.

Yesterday I was able to see the “magic” happen again. I participated in a group that worked with focused intention and innovation, all for the betterment of a child with unique needs. It was empowering and reminded me WHY I enjoy the position I have this year. I love working within a culture of integrity, a culture like the ones I am in this year.

I know, I know, what does this have to do with today’s topic of resiliency? A lot, actually.

Innovation, collaboration, integrity, team work – these do not happen in a vacuum. They happen when trust, mastery, self-efficacy, connection, and emotional intelligence all come together to focus on a common outcome.

Hmmm, mastery, connections and emotional intelligence – the building blocks of resiliency. Cultures of innovation, be it at work, in schools, or in the home, foster the development of strong resiliency. Likewise, creating cultures of fear and manipulation, where the goal is “win” at any expense – these do not actually foster the skills needed for resiliency. For what happens in that culture when a “bigger fish” comes along and wins – and yes, there is always a bigger fish.

Without innovation and the freedom to collaborate and create, new ideas become scarce. Without team work and healthy connections, personal gain becomes the only goal, negating the “needs of the many” and undermining foundations. Without integrity, trust can’t be  built, leading to disloyalty and betrayal.

Okay, enough of my speech, you get the point of this post…innovation cultures built on mutual respect with a goal of win-win – these cultures foster resiliency. At school, at home, at work, in the world.

I thought I’d close with a video that’s been out for a while – but man, I still LOVE it!

Enjoy and Happy Weds!


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