Happy Thursday everyone! Today is parent advice day around the blog and I thought I would talk a bit about a recent TV segment I was in. The interview was originally going to be about helping introverted children as they go back to school. At least, that is what I thought. Instead, the host wanted to focus on social media.

You see, I am a bit of a rebel. I believe that almost anything in moderation can be a good things, and one should never throw out an idea or intervention due to fear. But mostly I believe that we, as parents, have an obligation to help our children practice the skills needed for life. When in comes to social media, that means teaching them how to get the most out of social media without putting themselves in danger.

This is particularly true with introverts. The digital domain provides a venue for introverts to be more extroverted. In fact, many introverted children and adults consider themselves as introverted in person, but extroverted online.

Before I give some specifics about capitalizing on the positives of social media with your introvert, I thought I’d show you the clip from UT-TV:

The take away from this and the information I share in Quiet Kids is that our digital world can be great for introverted children, giving them a place where they can be social without the energy “zap” that often accompanies in-person encounters. Additionally, here are a few more things to think about when considering allowing more access to our digital world:

  • Set clear boundaries with all social media. Know what sites your child frequents, and visit their pages often. Know their passwords and usernames so you can go into their pages and see everything.
  • Model internet safety yourself. Don’t post inappropriate things online, or share too much. Then teach your children the same good habits and appropriate internet etiquette.
  • Make sure your child turns off the computers, tablets, and phones every night. It is the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep – for adults and kids.
  • Remember that your introverted child may not be used being as social as they are able to be via the digital world. While this discovery is good news for the introvert, it is important to remember that being an introvert is more than being somewhat withdrawn. It is about your body’s biological approach to energy consumption. Introverts still need plenty of time away from their social world. Be on the look out for indicators of fatigue and social burnout with your child.
  • Declare one day a month a “dark day” – a day in which all social media is abandoned, and everyone takes a digital break!

These tips can help you reap all of the benefits our digital age has to offer, while still keeping your child safe.

What  do you think? Are you introverted in person, and extroverted online?


3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Social Media for Introverted Children

  1. I was with you, until I got the part about declaring a “dark day.” Whaaaaaa?? Seriously, though I know from personal experience, this is all so very true with my daughter. And I love that she can just skype with a friend, when she wants to, say, show her a drawing she just did. I’d have to go to my friend’s house, or if they lived too far, wait till I saw them the next day at school.

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