On Tuesday I mentioned that I was pledging myself to living a healthier lifestyle. I also encouraged all of you to figure out what stops you from your goals and make a pledge to overcome that barrier.

Now it’s time to actually MAKE THE PLEDGE.

How, you may ask?

Simple! In the comments below and/or on THIS Facebook Page, leave a comment stating what you are pledging to overcome and why. I will randomly giveaway little things to the comments and yes, we will be checking in monthly!!!

So, I’ll start things off:

I, Christine Fonseca, commit to living a healthier life, including eating healthy, getting enough sleep, moving every day, and meditating/contemplating daily. I will do this in order to live what I teach and have the energy and health needed to live my best life.

To help me remember this pledge, I have written it on a card that stays with me, so I can focus my intention anytime I am feeling a little..uncommitted! And I have posted on my FB page...

A bit more about the FB page – THIS is the place to come and comment about your pledge. I will comment every morning. I hope you do the same. Together we can do this!

So…You in???


3 thoughts on “Take The Pledge

  1. That’s great, Christine! My husband and started using My Fitness Pal app back in June. we’ve both lost over 20 pounds since then, Our daughter just started using it a few weeks ago and is doing really well with it too. She’s finally seeing to correlation between what she eats, and how she feels.

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