As you all know, this blog is all about living with intensity. But what exactly does that mean? Well, for many of us creative or gifted types, being intense is second nature. We feel passionately about the world, interact with life with a level of intensity that is often misunderstood, and are often playing ping-pong with our intensities. In short, we paint the world in “bolds” while the rest of the world dabbles in pastels (thanks Nisa for that phrase – I still LOVE it).

I will talk more about the meaning of being intense in future posts. Today I thought I’d talk briefly about balance. When one lives intensely, one is prone to periods of emotional upheaval and unrest. This happens when there is a lack of balance in life. Maybe day-to-day expectations and demands begin to overwhelm you. Or maybe you’ve had too much on your plate so healthy practices of balanced food, exercise and sleep haven’t happen. Lack of balance can send intensities into high gear, so it’s important to make sure to regain balance as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips for maintaining your balance at the craziest of times:

  1. Set Priorities – Most intense people say “yes” to far too many things. Learn to set clear priorities and work on completing things one step at a time. When setting that priority list, make sure you are keeping your needs high on the list!
  2. Focus on healthy lifestyle practices – It is easy to let go of your healthy habits when you are overwhelmed. But this is the exact thing NOT to do. In fact, this is when those healthy practices are the MOST important. Make time to eat healthy and get quality sleep.
  3. Manage your Stress – Stress is a killer. Literally. Managing your stress response will help you maintain your balance and roll with life’s punches. Take time to learn the most basic aspects of your stress response. Learn also to manage your stress BEFORE it becomes a problem for you.
  4. When in Doubt, Take a Break – Nothing can get you into balance faster than taking a break from things. Take a day off and spend a few hours in silence. Walk on the beach, go to the mountains. Anything to quiet the noise in your thoughts and allow you to regain your equilibrium.

These simple tips can go a LONG way to balancing your intensities when they take on a life of their own! What do you think? What works for you when you need to achieve a little balance in the chaos?


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