It’s 3am. You are awake, again. You’re mind is racing, contemplating answers to the incessant questions you can never seem to quiet. Moment after moment, your brain works on the invisible puzzle as though your life depended on an answer. And no matter what you do, you can’t quiet the noise.

Sound familiar? For many of us the answer is a resounding YES!  And it makes sense, actually. Our brains are programmed to find answers, categorize information, and make sense of the chaos that surrounds us. We feed our brain with never-ending “whys” from the moment we understand the word. And in moments of stress or discomfort, we latch on to the answer of “why” with every breath.

Even when we are hurting ourselves in the process.

See, we actually DON’T need to answer every question, categorize every moment, or think incessantly. Sometimes what we most need is to NOT answer questions. Sometimes we need the stillness that comes when we stop thinking. Sometimes we need to just…


Don’t get me wrong, thinking is an important function. Planning and problem solving are necessary acts. But they are not the ONLY way to function.

There is a scene in the movie Last Samurai in which this concept is explored. Algren is practicing his sword handling – and losing. Repeatedly. Until he is told that his problem is “too many mind”, that only when then is “no mind” can he be successful.

For one day a week, try living from a place of “no mind”. If that is too difficult, as most of us are very attached to our thinking processes, try just an hour of “no mind”. Learn to quiet the noise, if only to experience what silence actually is.

Happy Non-thinking!



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