I’m back! I hope everyone had a wonderful break. Mine was, well, less break like than I had intended. But it was a good learning experience. Although I took a break from this blog, I did not take a break from my other blog or writing in general. With back to back book releases over the next week, I wasn’t able to break the way I had hoped.

The take away from this: I need to take a break completely! Both blogs, promos, working on my books. Everything.

It’s an important lesson and realization, something that will be key moving forward. So, starting this month, I am taking a break from EVERYTHING for at least a few days every month. I think it will do me good and keep me balanced.

Which brings me to today’s post about renewal and gratitude. I’ve been thinking alot about the art of living gratefully. It’s easy to remain grateful when things are good, to remember to give thanks for the niceties that happen in our lives.  But what about being thankful for the hard times – the difficult moments and difficult people in our lives. These difficulties are precious, offering moments to practice certain skills and opportunities to let-go and renew. They are worthy of thanks as well.

In my life, I am practicing the art of letting go, learning to release situations and people without assigning blame, judgement, etc. Just releasing things that are toxic in my life. Of course, since this is an area of focus at the moment, I have been confronted on a daily basis with opportunities to practice this skill. People and situations continue to pop into my life allowing me to reframe my own thinking and release pent-up hurts and neutralize previous toxins. It is a powerful and exciting time.

And difficult.

It would be easy to forget to give thanks for these challenges, these moments. It would be easy to negate the value of each chance I have to practice the art of letting go.


But it wouldn’t be living with gratitude.

So, this week, I am focusing on being thankful for EVERY aspect of my life – the ups and downs, tears and smiles, everything.

How about you?



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